Father and Son: The Story of Sterka Concepts

The story of Sterka Concepts follows in the footsteps of other innovative startups, in a garage. The co-founders of Sterka Concepts, Rick and JJ Wang, are a father son duo with a shared experience in professional remote-control car racing and have competed around the world. Along the way, they also developed an interest in kit building, enjoying the freedom and autonomy of building something yourself. Their shared passion for cars, bikes, and “literally anything on wheels” led them to observe something interesting.

They noticed that the market for electric bikes did not offer a high-quality, modular bike that users could build and customize. As a result, they decided to tinker around and try and build their own bike. Together in their garage, Rick and JJ designed and built several iterations of modular bikes. Finally, they agreed on a design for a prototype that would eventually become the Sterka M1. Elated by the creation of their new product, they tested it right there in the garage and found that it rode better than most electric bikes in the market.

From this shared experience building a bike together and inspired by their interest in kit building, Rick and JJ, set out to build a kit where bike riders and tinker’s could the unique opportunity to build a bike themselves and produce a high quality, high performance, premium, modular electric bike. This marks the inception of Sterka Concepts, with their mission to create a personal and customized experience, without sacrificing quality, efficiency, and style. Through the Sterka M1 kit, Rick and JJ’s hope is that people who build the Sterka M1 through the kit will also find the same joy and excitement they found when they built their bike together. But it did not stop there. Rick and JJ intend to continue to innovate “literally anything on wheels.”