Tinker Away with Sterka M1 Kit

Inspired by RC racing and kit building, Sterka M1 was designed to have an emphasis on both modularity and customization.

Sterka M1 kit is a tinker’s dream allowing you to build your versatile e-bike to handle long-distance commutes, arduous uphill climbs, or commuter riding in under three hours. With the kit, you are able to build your own personal high-performance electric bike from high quality parts and modular components. With durability in mind, Sterka M1 kit comes with custom cut parts that can be swapped out easily, keeping true to the build-it-yourself spirit. Additionally, the future-proof design lets you upgrade e-bike parts in the future. To avoid any trouble with the building process, you use an easy-to-follow guide which makes the M1 an engaging and intuitive experience. With a methodical approach, the M1 can be fully assembled in 3 hours, everything you need comes right out of the box.