Sterka M1

The Premium, High-Performance, Electric Bike

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    High-quality materials and components allow Sterka M1 owners the option to experience building their own e-bike

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    With only 4 hours of charge time, the Sterka M1 allows owners to travel up to a range of 125 miles in one charge

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    Enjoy the high-performance and powerful Sterka M1 electric bike and customize your ride through torque settings and brake pressure



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For Sterka M1, modularity refers to customers ability to use the Sterka M1 Kit to build their own high-performance electric bike from made-to-order parts.

Option to Build

Customers have the option to purchase the Sterka M1 in a kit which they can use to build the bike themselves, or they have the option to purchase the Sterka M1 preassembled for a small additional fee.

  • 125-mile range

    Travel greater distances and enjoy the high-quality experience with the Sterka M1

  • 4 hours to charge

    A fully charged Sterka M1 battery takes approximately 4 hours

  • 25 miles per hour

    The Sterka M1 can reach a maximum speed of 25 mph


Travel Anywhere

With a fully charged Sterka M1, you can ride up to a range of 125 miles. Once you begin pedaling, the Sterka M1 350W Mid Drive Motor provides powerful acceleration while the pedal assist and 5-Speed transmission hub add stability, control, and smoothness to the ride.

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Sterka M1


High Performance.
High Quality.

Great craftmanship, innovative design, and customizable modularity are all aspects that make Sterka M1 a premium electric bike.

Composed of carbon fiber and aircraft grade alloy, Sterka M1 includes a 350W mid-drive motor, 36V/10Ah battery, 5-speed transmission hub, as well as front and rear hydraulic braking system and shock absorbers, offering riders an unmatched rider experience.

Long-Term lifecycle

Easy removal, replacement, maintenance, and customization to new components and accessories

36V/10Ah Lithium Battery

A fully charged battery has a range over 125 miles and a charge time of approximate 4 hours

Powerful 350W Motor

The middle mounted motor provides a high output and can reach a maximum speed of 25 mph

Carbon Fiber

Frame body structure build is custom cut from carbon fiber sheets and #6061 aluminium alloy material using CNC laser cutting machines

Pneumatch Shock Absorbers

Adjustable preload pressure corresponds to rider's weight in order to alleviate the impact caused by road surfaces

Safe Hydraulic Braking

Front and rear hydraulic braking system ensure safe braking at maximum speed.

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Sterka M1

The e-bike and modularization concepts have yet to be combined into a sophisticated and powerful machine, until now. Sterka M1 utilizes quality materials, modular design, and high-performance components to distinguish itself as THE premium, modular electric bike

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